Promising ways to encode and manipulate quantum information
March 20, 2019
Quantum computers require controlled encoding to protect computations from environmental noise. Two experiments have achieved such encoding using what are known as infinite-dimensional quantum systems. Read full article at Nature 566, 460-462 (2019...
Yale researchers create a ‘universal entangler’ for new quantum tech
February 27, 2019
One of the key concepts in quantum physics is entanglement, in which two or more quantum systems become so inextricably linked that their collective state can’t be determined by observing each element individually. Now Yale researchers have...
Yale quantum researchers harness teleportation, entanglement
September 17, 2018
Yale Daily News
Teleportation and quantum entanglement may sound like aspects of a sci-fi novel, but researchers from the Yale Quantum Institute are exploring these very real phenomena in order to refine the tools that will lead to a more stable quantum computer....
Yale researchers ‘teleport’ a quantum gate
September 5, 2018
Yale University researchers have demonstrated one of the key steps in building the architecture for modular quantum computers: the “teleportation” of a quantum gate between two qubits, on demand. The findings appear online Sept. 5 in the journal...
A fault-tolerant system for stopping ‘leaks’ in quantum computers
July 26, 2018
By Jim Shelton
Yale researchers have designed a new system to keep tomorrow’s quantum computers from “leaking.”  Large-scale quantum computers are still years away, but it is well known that they will need error correction. All of the components in a quantum...