Former Graduate Students

Name Current Status
Dr. Christopher Wang Grainger Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Chicago
Sal Elder  
Dr. Luke Burkhart Research Staff at Keysight Technologies
Dr. Philip Reinhold Quantum Research Scientist, AWS
Dr. Christopher Axline Post-doctoral Research Assistant, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Dr. Yvonne Gao Faculty, National University, Singapore
Dr. Kevin Chou Quantum Engineer, Quantum Circuits, Inc.
Dr. Teresa Brecht Research Staff at HRL
Dr. Jacob Blumoff Research Staff at HRL
Dr. Andrei Petrenko Director of Product, Quantum Circuits, Inc.
Dr. Matthew Reagor Director of Engineering at Rigetti Computing
Dr. Eric Holland Research Staff at Fermi Lab
Dr. Brian Vlastakis Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Oxford University
Dr. Andreas Fragner Quantitative Analyst, Oxford Asset Management
Dr. Matthew Reed Research Staff at HRL
Dr. Adam Sears Research Staff at Lincoln Labs
Dr. Blake Johnson Research Staff at Rigetti Computing
Dr. Jerry M. Chow Research Staff at IBM Watson
Dr. David Schuster Faculty at University of Chicago
Joe Schreier  
Dr. Julie Wyatt-Love Corporate Strategy at Microsoft
Dr. Benjamin Turek Research Staff at John Hopkins APL
Dr. John Teufel Research Staff at NIST/Boulder
Dr. Lafe Spietz  
Dr. Minghao Shen Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.