Devoret, Schoelkopf awarded Comstock Prize in Physics for quantum advances
January 23, 2024
The National Academy of Sciences recognized Michel Devoret and Robert Schoelkopf for their innovative work in quantum information processing. The Comstock Prize is awarded once every five years to one or more North American physicists whose recent...
Yale’s quantum computing journey — 20 years and counting
January 11, 2024
(Photo by Dan Renzetti)
Yale’s Robert Schoelkopf, Michel Devoret, and Steven Girvin reflect on their trailblazing approach to quantum computing research. Read full article at YaleNews.
“Quantum” Model Research Collection lures newcomers and fans
November 27, 2023
Florian Carle designed the Model Research Collection “From DOS to Qiskit: Turning Entanglement into Quantum Computation” for timid newcomers to the field of quantum physics and for those as passionate about the topic as he is. Read full article here...
Congratulations to Jacob Curtis!
November 20, 2023
Jacob Curtis successfully defended his PhD thesis, titled “Error Mitigation and Detection in Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics Powered by QND Measurements” on November 17th, 2023.