Former Postdocs

Name Current Status
Dr. Yao Lu Fermi Lab
Dr. Benjamin Chapman Microsoft Research, Seattle
Dr. Vijay Jain Psi Quantum, Palo Alto
Dr. Chan U Lei Quantum Circuits, Inc.
Dr. Yaxing Zhang Google AI Quantum
Dr. Nathanael Cottet Alice & Bob, France
Dr. Christa Flühmann Hamilton Bonaduz AG, Switzerland
Dr. Serge Rosenblum

Faculty at the Weizmann Institute of Science

Dr. Yiwen Chu Faculty at ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Dr. Leonardo DiCarlo Faculty at TU Delft University of Technology
Dr. Ryan Held Working in Finance in Switzerland
Dr. Reinier Heeres Engineer, Cooll, the Netherlands
Dr. Andrew Houck Faculty at Princeton University
Dr. Gerhard Kirchmair Faculty at University of Innsbruck
Dr. Konrad Lehnert Faculty at JILA, University of Colorado
Dr. Brian Lester Google AI Quantum
Dr. Johannes Majer Staff at Atominstitut, TU Vienna
Dr. Nissim Ofek VP R&D, Quantum Machines
Dr. Hanhee Paik Research Staff at IBM Watson
Dr. Wolfgang Pfaff Faculty at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Dr. David Schuster Faculty at University of Chicago
Dr. Ken Segall Faculty at Colgate University
Dr. Irfan Siddiqi Faculty at UC Berkeley
Dr. Luyan Sun Faculty at Tsinghua University
Dr. Andreas Wallraff Faculty at ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Dr. Chen Wang Faculty at University of Massachusetts Amherst