Quantum data takes a ride on sound waves
By Jim Shelton
September 21, 2017
Yale scientists have created a simple-to-produce device that uses sound waves to store quantum information and convert it from one form to another, all inside a single,...
Connecticut Medal of Science goes to Yale’s Robert Schoelkopf
By Jim Shelton
April 19, 2017
Yale’s Robert Schoelkopf, Sterling Professor of Applied Physics and Physics and director of the Yale Quantum Institute, was awarded the 2017 Connecticut Medal of Science for...
Top 10 Breakthrough by Physics World: "Schrödinger's cat that lives and dies in two boxes at once"
December 21, 2016
“Schrödinger’s cat that lives and dies in two boxes at once”, the research done by Chen Wang and his team was chosen to be one of the top 10 breakthroughs by Physics...
Suspending superconducting qubits by silicon micromachining
September 26, 2016
A paper from the RSL group is selected as the front cover of the latest Applied Physics Letters (12 September 2016 issue). The paper titled, “Suspending superconducting...
New Yale-developed device lengthens the life of quantum information
July 20, 2016
Yale University scientists have reached a milestone in their efforts to extend the durability and dependability of quantum information. Read more, click.
Doubling down on Schrödinger’s cat
May 31, 2016
Yale physicists have given Schrödinger’s famous cat a second box to play in, and the result may help further the quest for reliable quantum computing. To read the full...
Schoelkopf among 7 Yale Faculty Members Elected to AAAS Class of 2016
April 21, 2016
Robert Schoelkopf is among seven Yale faculty members elected as fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS). Click here for the full article on YaleNews. 
Robert Schoelkopf, Steven Girvin and Nikhil Padmanabhan among the World's Most Influential Scientific Minds of 2015
January 14, 2016
Robert Schoelkopf, Steven Girvin (Eugene Higgins Professor of Physics) and Nikhil Padmanabhan (Associate Professor of Physics) are listed among the world’s most...
Rob Schoelkopf on WNPR "Where We Live":Yale to Open New Quantum Institute
November 5, 2015
Quantum information science now has a home in New Haven, Connecticut. This hour, we preview the opening of the Yale Quantum Institute with its director, Robert Schoelkopf....
Two Awards to YQI’s alumnus Matt Reed
July 27, 2015
In December 2013, Matt Reed handed in a 368-page dissertation to complete his physics PhD under Rob Schoelkopf’s quantum information processing lab. Two years later, the...
Schoelkopf elected to the National Academy of Sciences
April 30, 2015
In recognition of his distinguished and continuing achievements in original research, Rob Schoelkopf has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences. Click here to see...
The 27 most inspiring quotes from World Economic Forum 2015 : Rob Schoelkopf
February 6, 2015
“If you would have brought an iPhone to someone 25 years ago, they would have called you a wizard.” - Please click here to watch the short video about Quantum Computing...
Beyond Moores Law
January 23, 2015
President Salovey attended the World Economic Forum at Davos for the second time. This year accompanied by applied physics professor Robert Schoelkopf, economics professor...
RSL and QULab are ‘intellectually leading the way’
January 22, 2015
Quantum Computing Without Qubits - A quantum computing pioneer explains why analog simulators may beat out general-purpose digital quantum machines — for now. In Quanta...
Michel Devoret and Rob Schoelkopf win London Prize
October 21, 2014
August 11, 2014 Michel Devoret, Frederick William Beinecke Professor of Applied Physics & Physics and Robert Schoelkopf, Sterling Professor of Applied Physics and...
Schoelkopf is Max Planck Research Award winner 2014
August 11, 2014
Professor Schoelkopf has been named the 2014 Max Planck Research Award Winner for 2014 in this year’s category of Quantum Nano Science.   Quantum computing...
Lab paper on error correction has been covered by Ars Technica
July 15, 2014
A Schoelkopf Lab paper on error correction has been covered by Ars Technica.Ars Technica articleNature doi:10.1038/nature13436
Robert Schoelkopf is named Sterling Professor of Applied Physics and Physics
April 1, 2014
Robert J. Schoelkopf, recently appointed as Sterling Professor of Applied Physics and Physics, focuses his research on the development of superconducting devices for quantum...